Why set up 'One Nation Economics'?

We need to embrace all aspects of Conservative philosophy in economic policy

There is a rich tradition of Conservative thought, but all too often debate is driven by one part of the 'family'. 

One Nation Economics is a platform to widen the debate and encourage contributions from the 'One Nation' school of Conservative thought. 

There is a myth that One Nation Conservatism is not interested in economics or lacks substance compared those on the more libertarian or 'free-market' wings. One Nation Economics is an attempt to bust that myth and encourage a much broader approach.


About the Founder

Andrew O'Brien

I first joined the Conservative Party in the mid-00s as a teenager. Inspired by the 'Big Society' vision of David Cameron, I went on to become Chairman of the Warwick University Conservatives and then campaigned for Conservative candidate Chris White in Warwick and Leamington. 

Following his election victory, I worked for Chris in Parliament for three years. I helped him to draft and steer through Parliament, the "Public Services (Social Value) Act" which sought to make government spending include consideration for social, environmental and economic factors not just financial cost. 

On leaving Parliament, I followed my interest for civil society, going to work for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations and Charity Finance Group. 

I now work at Social Enterprise UK, the UK's representative body for social enterprises - businesses which trade for social and environmental good, not just for profit. This is a growing and exciting field of business, with the potential to make a huge contribution to the UK and global economy in the years ahead.