• Andrew O'Brien

"One Nation" Economics Refounded

Last year, Stian Westlake wrote an excellent article for CapX on the "Strange Death of Tory Economic Thinking".

The full article is well worth a read, but essentially he found that the Tories had given up thinking about economic policy because the Conservative Party now saw the world through a purely social perspective. Whilst I disagree with Stian's explanation, I completely agree with his view that the Conservative Party has stopped thinking about economics. The left, especially since the election of Jeremy Corbyn, has been producing far more interesting analysis of the UK's economic situation. This has left the Conservative Party scrambling for a response - a response which is often nothing more than copying the opposition's proposals but implementing them halfheartedly.

Stian laid the door at the "One Nation" tradition of the Conservative Party which occupied No.10 at the time of writing. He said:

"The overall situation is pretty grim for the Tories. The One Nation bit of the Tory party doesn’t seem to like thinking economically..."

This is a harsh criticism, but a fair one. It is hard to pin point when this happened, but it is certainly the case that the One Nation wing of the Conservative Party has stopped advancing its own economic analysis. One of the main reasons why David Cameron's "Big Society" vision faded into oblivion was that he tried to advance "One Nation" social policy without a "One Nation" economic policy.

This platform will aim to put this right through advancing a distinctive "One Nation" economic analysis tackling the key issues facing our economy and our society. This will balance against the "neo-liberal", "free-market" or "Hayekian" analysis which continues to dominate economic thinking within the Conservative Party.

So what exactly is "One Nation" Economics?

The project of this platform will be to answer exactly that question. I hope you'll join us for the journey.


PS. We had a "soft launch" last year, so don't worry if you are seeing double...

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